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Current Care Protocol

October 1, 2020

We appreciate everyone's patience during this unusual time. We are now implementing limited access to the clinic's lobby.

When you arrive for your medical or groom appointment please park in front of the clinic and call us so we know you have arrived.  At that time indicated if you want to come into the clinic with your pet for your appointment or remain in the car. All grooms will be drop off.

If you are remaining in the car, please take your dog out of the car on a leash for the technician when they arrive. For safe transportation of cats, they should be in a carrier.  If you don't have a carrier we will be happy to provide one for you.  We don't want any escapees!

If you want to accompany your pet for a medical appointment we do require that you wear a mask and only one family member should accompany the pet.

If you need food, medications, or heartworm and flea medications please call us and place your order.  We can process your payment over the phone and then just pull up to the drive-up window on the south side of the building to pick up your order.

If you are remaining outside in the heat please alert us if you or your pet can not stay cool and comfortable during your pet's visit and we will assist you.

Together we will get through this. Thank you, friends!

Doctors & Staff of Nevada Veterinary Clinic.