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Annual wellness exams: This yearly exam includes a physical examination and annual vaccinations for Eastern and Western Encephalitis, Tetanus, Rhinopneumonitis and Influenza. Additional vaccinations may be suggested based on the activities and location of the horse: Rabies, Potomac Horse Fever, and Strangles, for example. We also offer Coggins testing and deworming.

Dental exams: We offer dental exams, as well as manual and power teeth floating, as well as wolf tooth extractions
Sickness exams:  We offer a complete array of laboratory analysis, as well as mobile x-rays to help determine the cause of your horse's illness. We are also equipped to provide intravenous fluid therapy at our clinic to dehydrated animals. We treat medical colics and wounds, and we can come to your farm for treatment if needed.

Reproductive procedures: Our clinic is equipped for breeding soundness exams supported by ultrasonography and rectal examination. We offer uterine flushing as a routine procedure, uterine biopsy, culture, and cytology evaluation.

Surgery: Castration and hernia repair, etc

Radiography:  X-rays are used to visualize bone for abnormalities including arthritic changes and fractures. We have a portable machine if you are unable to bring your horse to our clinic.

Ultrasonography:  Sound waves are used to evaluate soft tissues (such as tendons and ligaments), reproductive organs, lumps, and tumors. We also offer pregnancy ultrasound. The procedure is both painless and non-invasive.


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